HPE Africa Open Day: Experience It!

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High Power Equipment (HPE) Africa hosted their annual Open Day on Thursday 21st June 2012 at the Zwartkops Raceway in Centurion. The event was all about bringing people, products and ideas together with the added benefit of experiencing the incredible power of HPE Africa and their flagship brand, Hyundai earth-moving equipment.

The event was held at the back-end of the Zwartkops Raceway where the old drive-in attracted many a crowd in times past. This unused area allowed HPE Africa to “dig” with the various earth-moving equipment that was on display, as well as some of the products that have recently been launched. A brief description of each piece of equipment was delivered by Mr. Neil Sauls, General Manager of HPE Africa and professionally demonstrated by their staff of operators and mechanics. A highlight of the day for many customers would have been the opportunity granted to them by HPE Africa to spend some time “playing” with the equipment. Boys and their toys right?

Kobus Wiese added a spot of celebrity to the event and was on hand to deliver a keynote speech during the luncheon interval. Dave Peterson from Two Wheels, an HPE Africa-sponsored magazine programme on SuperSport was also present during the function.

On behalf of African Thunder Events, we trust HPE Africa were satisfied with their event and we hope they were able to generate a great deal of new business as a result. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with you in the months and years ahead.

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