Corporate Team Building: Getting To Know Your Colleagues

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If you need to boost your company’s moral, sometimes the best solution can be to either go offsite or bring in an expert for a corporate team building event.

There are many different ways to have a corporate team building event, and they can be as different as the companies they service. One of the most traditional types of team building events takes place on the company site, and will usually involve a workshop or seminar. Typically held by an outside company, these seminars can employ motivational speakers and teachers that will lead your company through a series of different talks about how to develop good team behaviour.

After these talks, most of the work portion of this type of corporate team building event is done through exercises. People will be broken up into groups, and different exercises will be performed that will allow employees to get to know each other a little better – and get to be a little closer with one another. This sort of trust building will make the employees more likely to be better teammates later on when they are assigned to work together, as they will feel closer to one another. This type of event will also teach good team behaviour skills.

Sometimes, a corporate team building event will take place outside of the office. These events can happen in places as far reaching as in camping sites or in sailing competitions. The procedure is essentially the same, up to a point – the employees will be lectured or shown films, about team work and learning about the importance of being team players and sticking together. Then, they will be put into a situation where they must rely on each other for help – a physical situation, such as rock climbing or camping.

This type of outdoor corporate team building event is different in the fact that it takes the employees out of the traditional office setting and places them into a setting where they are reliant upon each other for more than just paperwork or getting a job done. This change of scenery allows workers to learn a lot about their fellow employees, and also lets them learn that they can rely on each other for help in any situation – the theory being that this will carry over into the workplace.

While the idea of team building and workplace psychology is still rather new, it is constantly changing. Holding a corporate team building event is a great way to make use of this new strategy and make sure that your company is using its employees to their highest potential.

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